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Nepal- Jilla puzzle

Nepal is divided into 75 administrative districts.Although all Nepalis learn this fact in their school textbooks, most of us have only vague idea of where those districts are located inside Nepal.It is a very safe bet to say that most of the people would have a hard time locating a random district in the map of Nepal.We think this is a sorry situation, simply because Nepalis need to know more about our own country.In order to quickly eradicate this ignorance, we have created a very smart puzzle game.In this puzzle game, you are asked to place a district in its correct position in the map of Nepal.


Cat bat

Juggle cats using your bat to gain points


action driving

Description: Guide the tricked-out BMW to the Eiffel Tower completing Franks latest job as The Transporter. Use Arrow keys for the movement.


Bagh Chal - Nepali game


Baghchal is a traditional board game of Nepal. It is quite simple to setup and play. The board is drawn by a combination of horizontal, vertical, and slanting lines. Each intersecting point can hold a piece, a tiger or a goat. The pieces can only move one step along the lines, except for the case in which a tiger can eat a goat.

The game is played between two players, one represents tiger, four in number, and the other represents goats, twenty in number to start with. The tiger can eat goats by jumping above it, while the goats tries to limit the movement of a tiger.


She waits 2minutes

You will leave with a super popular girl, beautiful e. .. demanding. She waits two minutes until you go get it for the first meeting. So do not waste time and run to the girl of your dreams!



Racing game. Use the arrow keys to move.


Speed racer

Racing game. Use the arrow keys to move and dodge the objects on the track.



Show all your skills in motocross, performing stunts for 10 phases.


Basketball Game

Test your aim in this game of basketball. There are 25 chances to hit. Use the spacebar to set the ball's trajectory. Good luck!